In CEP 810, I have just learned about TPACK, Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge a framework developed by Dr. Matthew Koehler and Dr. Punya Mishra. TPACK makes it clear to me how vital it is to ensure we do not isolate technology, pedagogy, and content from each other because this results in silos and doesn’t allow for students to extend or apply their learning into new situations.  As we studied earlier in this course, students need to learn with understanding; TPACK provides a framework that brings together critical concepts for 21st century learners.

Our way of exploring the concepts of TPACK in CEP 810 was in an activity where we had to ask someone to pick out a bowl, plate, and utensil, without explaining what they were going to be used for; then, the person needed to choose a number from slips of paper, numbered one through five, each representing a task to complete with the tools.  The goal behind the activity was to connect the concept of repurposing something to complete a task.  Take a look at my experience with the activity!

While I was lucky in that my son chose a knife, I didn’t have the ideal tools like a cheese board or slicer.  However, I was able to repurpose the plate to become the board, and the knife worked well enough to cut the cheese into cubes.  In my role in Curriculum & Instruction, I find myself repurposing curriculum platforms, our intraweb, and many other tools to fit the needs of our organization and my department all of the time. I loved learning about TPACK because it helped me connect the concept that technology is always repurposed to meet the needs of its audience, and this is especially true in our classrooms.

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